Isn’t that what people think in work places everywhere when the discussion turns to the Respectful Workplace Policy?  Respect, my eye!  I’ve heard it many times, I‘ve even thought it.  Why?  Because Respectful Workplace Policies aren’t working!!!

As a public speaker, I travel a lot and have the honor of meeting people from all over the world.  There are always people who have a story or a question after a seminar and dollars to donuts; it’s usually a story of abuse, toxicity or bullying at work.  But wait, we have legislation and policies to eliminate such behavior at work don’t we? It would seem that this is not the case, we are not creating happier or healthier employees and workplaces.  Individual workplaces have their own policies that typically define what disrespectful behavior is and the consequences of violations.  Respectful behavior is not generally defined in the policy, at least not in specific terms. Work is still one of the number 1 stressors for Canadians and stress leaves are costing Canadian businesses over $35 Billion per year!  It is seldom due to work load or environment and most often due to our relationships at work.

The reason most often cited by Canadians for leaving a job they love is because they don’t get along with their manager or supervisor.  Reports of bullying by superiors and even colleagues can be heard everywhere!  Has the Respectful Workplace policy given bullies and toxic workers the incentive to go “underground” with their disrespectful behavior, engaging less in glaring violations of the policy but more in subtle forms of mistreatment?  I say YES!

My seminar Respectfully, Up Yours! addresses the idea of old fashioned respectful workplace behaviors, how EVERYONE in a workplace benefits when EVERYONE engages in them.  It is designed to assist organizations in building happier, healthier, more productive and respectful employees.

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