In Praise of Praise

My mother was the greatest woman that ever lived, well at least in my life.  She taught me a lot of old fashioned values that have stood me in good stead throughout my life, values that I have tried to pass on to my kids.  She often used to say, “You’ll never be in the wrong if you say thankyou or sorry”.  How true is that?!  Those two small words can heal, build up, mend and encourage relationships like few others!  I would like to add another 2 words, “Good job!”

We live in such a critical world where everything and everyone is judged and criticized constantly.  Listen in to conversations in public places, not in a creepy stalker-like way but just listen.  Complaining, whining, criticizing, gossiping, that’s what we often here.  It is so easy to find fault in others but what about looking for the good?  It’s not so hard to look for the good in people we like but what about the ones who rub you the wrong way, who don’t work the way you do, who don’t seem as smart or popular?  There’s a challenge.

Surveys of large corporations frequently report that employees feel they don’t get recognized for a job well done.  So many managers approach their employees only to highlight areas of improvement.  And how many employees offer appreciation or praise to their managers for a job well done?  Imagine how different work could be……

So what’s in it for you?

  1. Research shows that chosing to see good and offering a compliment or praise to someone raises your level of the good mood fluid serotonin.  So what you say?  Well that’s the stuff you want more of; it helps to lower your cortisol and elevates your mood.
  2. Witnesses to such random acts of praise and kindness also show increased levels of serotonin so you’ve positively influenced THEIR health!  You’re welcome!
  3. You start to become more positive in other areas of life.
  4. You become one of those people that other people feel good around.  We all have people like that in life, the ones you want to be with because they make life more enjoyable.  That could be you!
  5. You become a role model for others who MAY adopt your attitude. This is particularly helpful at work!

If your work place could use some help with changing to a more appreciative, positive culture, I can help. Get in touch with me to book your speaking engagement today.


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