Get Out of My Way!

How often have you thought or said these words maybe in a Tim’s line up, at the grocery store, or on the road?  Sometimes we gather our conscience and self-control and utter “excuse me” or “could I please go past?” but it really all says the same thing… move it! People are slowing us down, stopping us from getting what we want, going where we want and doing what we want. And of course, this takes us right to our happy place right? NOT! We get frustrated, angry, or even enraged. We lose our peace and we become preoccupied with how wrong it all is!

But…what if the person who is in your way is YOU?!?  It is so obvious to us when someone else is the barrier in our life but can you recognize how YOU are your own barrier?  Not a pleasant thought, but a necessary one if you are “stuck” and not moving forward.  I say this often in presentations and certainly said it weekly on my radio show. If you want your life to change YOU have to change it. So HOW exactly are WE are own barriers?

  • The way we speak to and about ourselves can become the barrier to having the life you want. Here is a great exercise to move this barrier out of your way; speak to yourself and about yourself as you would your best friend. Seriously, try it! Unless of course you are witchy to your best friend!
  • The thoughts you allow yourself to have can stop you from being happy and healthy! Practice the STOP technique to stop your negative thoughts in their tracks. When you have a negative thought, visualize a STOP sign, IN YOUR FACE! Say the work STOP out loud (if you aren’t in church!) and substitute a positive thought. Sounds weak but it is very powerful and I personally practice this.
  • Procrastination is a progress killer, plain and simple! Stop waiting for anyone or anything to be right, just do and feel the pride of accomplishment. If you need help being accountable, get someone to ask you if you have done what you said you would. Get them to help you commit. No one regrets accomplishment but we do regret NOT doing what we know will make our lives better.
  • Setting unrealistic goals is a guaranteed set up for failure! If you want to get in the way of your own progress, set a goal that you don’t have the resources, motivation or confidence to complete. Another way we sabotage is by setting a goal that is too big. For example, “My goal is to lose 100 pounds”. That’s a really big goal and may be too large and take too long to keep motivation high. Why not try this instead; ”Today I will eat healthy meals (be specific about what healthy meals) and I will get some exercise”. Much harder to fail at these small goals right?

These are a few common ways we get in our OWN way. You probably have other ways in which you do. The key is to recognize it and to GET OUT OF YOUR WAY! You are capable of changing your life so let’s get on that and let me know if I can help!

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