You’ve Got the Power!

Do you ever think about what you say? I mean really think about it? Sure, there are conversations where we choose our words wisely (think about a conversation with your boss, or a police officer). But what about the words you say to yourself…?

We all have an internal dialogue and if we were really to become conscious of it, what would we hear? I know what I’ve heard in the past, “you’re not good enough”,”you’re not smart enough”, “who do you think you are?”, “why can’t you?”, “why did you?”, “you should”, “you can’t”, etc. Come on, you’ve done it too. Maybe you’re still doing it…

Let’s think about this differently. Let’s stop the “can’ts”, “shoulds”, “won’ts”, “don’ts” and let’s change the internal dialogue to “can”, “will”, “want to”. But why? It’s simple, we become what we think about. For example, if you say out loud or in your head “I can’t lose weight”, you won’t! Think about this, the message is “can’t” and your reality becomes “can’t”.

So I’m going to challenge you with something I am working on. Come up with 1-3 words every day that you can lean into, grow into, inspire yourself into, to change your life. The words can repeat, or they can be different every day. I try to think of words that are meaningful for the day. After I have been traveling for a few days and I come home fatigued, I may have to do something that requires a lot of energy like presenting. So my word for the day after travel might be “energy”, or “vitality”. Some common words that I choose are “abundance”, “peace”, “gratitude”, “energy”, “health”, “kindness”, etc.

What words do you want to live into today? Choose them with care. When you find yourself negative, self-deprecating, anxious, repeat your words and live into them. At the end of the day, with gratitude, recount how those words manifested in your day.

I know this doesn’t sound powerful but trust me it will change your life as it is changing mine! You’ve got the power! If you need help, let’s talk!

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