10 Weeks to Make Vitality a Reality!

So, you want your life to change…..you want to feel better, look better, BE better! Then YOU have to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  Struggling with where to start?  Here are some tips to get you started and moving in the right direction. Don’t stop after week 10, keep using the framework to strategically move into the […]

Get Out of My Way!

How often have you thought or said these words maybe in a Tim’s line up, at the grocery store, or on the road?  Sometimes we gather our conscience and self-control and utter “excuse me” or “could I please go past?” but it really all says the same thing… move it! People are slowing us down, […]

The Inflammation Lamentation

“Im soooo tired!”, “I ache all over!”, “I keep gaining weight even though I exercise and eat healthy!”  Sound like you or anyone you know?  Have you been wondering “what’s wrong with me?!?” Well you aren’t alone and in fact, you may be expressing the often heard inflammation lamentation.  That is, expressing some common symptoms […]

You and Your Bestie…

Who laughs when you laugh, cries with you, kicks your butt when you need it and calms you down when you are enraged? If your answer is your best friend (which may in fact, be your spouse!), you’d be in good company and likely, enjoying some significant health benefits as a result. If your answer […]

In Praise of Praise

My mother was the greatest woman that ever lived, well at least in my life.  She taught me a lot of old fashioned values that have stood me in good stead throughout my life, values that I have tried to pass on to my kids.  She often used to say, “You’ll never be in the […]