Weed…should you do it?

I know what you’re thinking…she’s talking about WEED? No, I’m talking about weeds, as in the ones in your garden! I was in my garden the other day and thinking how much constant effort is required to keep the weeds from taking over the garden. Seriously, leave it for a few days or a week and […]

In Praise of Praise

My mother was the greatest woman that ever lived, well at least in my life.  She taught me a lot of old fashioned values that have stood me in good stead throughout my life, values that I have tried to pass on to my kids.  She often used to say, “You’ll never be in the […]


Do you ever feel like a victim, like everyone dumps on you or treats you badly? Do you always seem to get the short end of the stick?  Sometimes those things are the result of bad luck or surrounding yourself with the wrong people, but sometimes, we do it to ourselves…… Here’s a phrase that […]


Isn’t that what people think in work places everywhere when the discussion turns to the Respectful Workplace Policy?  Respect, my eye!  I’ve heard it many times, I‘ve even thought it.  Why?  Because Respectful Workplace Policies aren’t working!!! As a public speaker, I travel a lot and have the honor of meeting people from all over […]