Some of Sylvia’s clients include:

Manitoba Hydro
Great West Life
Louis Riel School Division
Piston Ring
Safety Services of Manitoba
City of Winnipeg
Transport Canada
Health Canada
Association of Manitoba Municipalities
CAPPA (Canadian Association of Petroleum Accountants)




“Vibrant…Hopeful….Upbeat…Excellent…Informative…Well Spoken…Engaging…Uplifting…Dynamic…Insightful”

“Anything she has to offer would be great!!! We need a half day next!”

“A positive attitude..makes life so much better!”

“An energetic and valuable resource….could have gone into so much more…A never ending topic.  I could have listened to Sylvia all day.”

The Manitoba Nurses Union Conference 2013


“In a industry of construction where self awareness & personal growth are not discussed, Sylvia with The ARLANGroup, broadened our horizons through humor with her presentation of “respectfully, up yours”. In conjunction with the topic of “bullying in the workplace”, our company has learned old management styles are unacceptable! Thanks Sylvia!”

Colleen Munro
President, Hugh Munro Construction


“We have received nothing but positive feedback and great comments about the seminar Sylvia put on. It was actually a perfect fit for our group of managers here – as we are all a very sarcastic/fun bunch. I can say pretty confidently that Sylvia’s presentation style and her engaging personality definitely is a great fit for StandardAero, and as I believe Fritz mentioned, we will definitely be recommending her within our group.”

Karole Serba
Executive Assistant, TLM
Government & Military Sector


“During our annual January staff meetings, Sylvia’s energy, insight, knowledge and presentation on stress management made for a terrific start to our morning.”

Les Tooth

Senior Manager, Piston Ring


“The feedback received from over five hundred nurses in attendance was overwhelmingly positive. Sylvia’s presentation was informative, engaging and highly interactive. She was able to strike an excellent balance between content and entertainment and, because of her healthcare background, she was able to relate to our nurses. Sylvia was a pleasure to have.”

Manitoba Nurses Union (MNU) AGM
May, 2012


“As the sitting chair for the CAPPA conference I have the great opportunity to experience a wide array of speakers and presenters at our annual conference that is attended by an average of 600 members.  Our conference just celebrated its 50th anniversary and in all my time involved with the organizations, Sylvia has been one of our best speakers.  We have invited her to speak for the last three years in a row with three different topics and her presentations have been filled beyond capacity every year.  We were so impressed with what she brought to our conference that we asked her to open for us last year.  The results were as we predicted, one of our best opening speakers we have ever had and all the attendees left wanting more.  Sylvia has a unique and inviting personality that everyone naturally gravitates to and inspires a common trust among the people she touches.  This ability along with her unprecedented people skills gives her the rare ability to teach people and use that knowledge to help guide and change lives.

On the occasions I have heard her speak I am continually impressed at her natural communication and motivational skills as you feel her passion and motivation for the message she communicates.  It is said the you will never work a day in your life if you do something you are truly passionate about.  If you agree with this philosophy, consider Sylvia on vacation.”
Brad Garner
EOG Resources Inc.


“Sylvia is one-of-a-kind. Need a speaker that engages, educates, entertains, and energizes? Look no further. Her messages on stress management, holistic wellness, coping with change and more, together with her stellar credentials in the ‘real world’ give her credibility that will serve your organization well. Her range of topics, from occupational therapy, to safety issues, to wellness is amazing. I have been a professional speaker for more than four decades and I have seen them all. She is one of the most dynamic speakers with whom I have associated. Her personal charm and humility, combined with her genuine desire to take her audiences to unimagined heights of enthusiasm for life, put her in the top 1% of public speakers. Repeated standing ovations attest to this. She is truly a remarkable professional and I highly recommend her for keynotes, seminars and more. She will change your lives, move your company forward, put a smile on your faces, and then, most importantly, teach you how to keep them there!”

Dr. James Reese


“I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Sylvia speak to a few different groups now and each time I am impressed by her ability to captivate the audience and to simultaneously entertain and educate us to improve ourselves as individuals and as members of the various groups and teams we are all responsible to. Recently, she delivered a session to nearly 400 of our staff in a huge space that was not at all conducive to this type of session. As per usual, Sylvia held the audience’s attention from “Hello!”, inspired our staff to choose to make it a good day, and the only thing people left wanting was for her to be heard again!”

Carrol A. Harvey, M.B.A., C.H.R.P.
Manager, Human Resources
St. James-Assiniboia School Division 


“Thank-you so much for one of the most valuable employee workshops I have ever attended – it is wonderful to be acknowledged and appreciated as an employee!”

“It was nice to have a workshop focusing on self-care, as we usually learn about how to provide better service to others.”

“Listening to Sylvia’s voice – gentle, soothing, encouraging.”

“A great reminder to take care of ourselves!”

“Topic is relevant and timely.”

Manitoba Faculty of Nursing
December, 2011


“I have had the privilege of working with Sylvia on joint safety presentations, and have also been witness to the positive outcomes she facilitates with clients referred to her. Her infectious smile and enthusiasm, combined with focused and competent assessment skills, makes her a valuable resource in the rehabilitation and safety community. Her motivational and health related presentations both in workshops, and as a keynote speaker, are always well received. Her passion for health, both physically and mentally is evident in her desire to educate at every opportunity made available to her.”

Victor Andres
President / Nurse Case Manager
Independence Inc.


“I had the opportunity to hear Sylvia speak at a Women Business Owners of Manitoba meeting and she was engaging, funny and provided some incredibly valuable information to our group. I would recommend Sylvia as a speaker / educator. Top qualities – Personable, Expert, Creative.”

Christine Dubyts 
Women Business Owners


“It was of no surprise to me after attending Sylvia’s “Stressed to kill” session a couple of years ago that the “Happy Hour beings at 9 a.m.” workshop was amazing!   Sylvia did a phenomenal job and the comments continue to pour in…..all over the top rave reviews. Between her natural charm, quick wit, insight & personnel  experiences, she could not have connected with the group any more than she did. Truly a wonderful experience!”

Tannis Coburn
Associate Manager, Field Development 
Selectpac Distribution